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Out of Touchstone

Nov 2019

Ep. 01 Mermaid Foreclosure

In the debut episode of Out of Touchstone, hosts Mike DeKalb and Chad Smart discuss the creation of Touchstone Pictures, before diving into the first two films released by the label. First up, Ron Howard directs Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah in the romantic comedy SPLASH, followed by Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard starring in the Midwestern drama COUNTRY.

Oct 2019


Mike DeKalb and Chad Smart break down every film that Disney released under the Touchstone Pictures banner (1984-2010), discussing their box office performance as well as the state of Hollywood at the time of each release.

Listen to the trailer for a taste of what's to come!  The first episode will drop on November 4th.  Please subscribe in your favorite podcast app to hear the episode when it airs.


Aug 2019

Out of Touchstone

A podcast discussing the films released by Touchstone Pictures.  Coming November 4th, and hosted by Mike DeKalb and Chad Smart.  Please follow us on instagram and twitter for behind the scenes content on the making of this podcast!