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Dec 2019

Episode 04 - They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

We wrap up 1986 on Out of Touchstone, focusing on three acting legends and one rising star. TOUGH GUYS is the first film to be discussed, as Mike and Chad look at the timeless nature of screen icons Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas, while debating the culture shock of the 1980's. Martin Scorsese's THE COLOR OF THE MONEY comes next, as Paul Newman grooms a young Tom Cruise on the ways of the world (and pool hustling). The hosts also look at the year-end box office charts for 1986, then select their favorite - and least favorite - Touchstone film released during the label's first three years of existence.

Dec 2019

Episode 03 - Midler Mania

We've reached 1986 on Out of Touchstone, which features a pair of films starring Judge Reinhold, as well as two from the "First Lady of Touchstone", Bette Midler. DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS begins the discussion, as Mike and Chad explore the career resurrections of both Midler and Richard Dreyfuss, and ask whether anyone really needs to see a naked Nick Nolte. All Rise! The honorable Judge Reinhold takes court as the guys dissect the off-beat romantic comedy cleverly titled...OFF BEAT. Finally, the esteemed Judge joins Helen Slater as they kidnap our beloved Bette, in order to extract a ransom from her despicable husband Danny DeVito in RUTHLESS PEOPLE. It's "Midler Mania", aka "Here Come the Judge"!

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