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Jan 2020

Episode 06 - Who Blows Off Elisabeth Shue?

The summer of 1987 rolls along on Out of Touchstone, as Mike and Chad focus on two fun comedies from one of the best years of cinema.  First up is ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, a classic in the teen comedy genre with a winning performance by the wonderful Elisabeth Shue.  But does the film spend too much time highlighting the negative aspects of a big city?  The episode wraps up with STAKEOUT, as the hosts discuss the film's ability to blend comedy with suspense while showcasing (or mocking) the trivial aspects of police work.

Jan 2020

Episode 05 - Adults Behaving Like Children

Several actors return to the Disney family on this episode of Out of Touchstone, which focuses on the first half of 1987. The discussion begins with OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, and whether Shelley Long or Bette Midler truly deserved top billing. Next, the guys scrutinize the childish antics of salesmen in TIN MEN, and highlight how Barbara Hershey stands out amongst a couple of Hollywood heavyweights. Finally against their better judgment, Mike and Chad delve into the comedic stylings of Ernest P. Worrell and his cinematic debut, ERNEST GOES TO CAMP.

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