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Jul 2020

Episode 19 - 1989: The Year in Review

We've wrapped up the 1980's on Out of Touchstone, which gives Mike and Chad the chance to look back and scrutinize the films of 1989.  After discussing the notable moments and most successful films of the year - both commercially and artistically - the guys hand out Ronnie Awards for their favorite achievements from Touchstone's releases.

Jul 2020

Episode 18 - Blazing Anatomy

We wrap up 1989 on Out of Touchstone by looking at two interesting but average films. First up, Mike and Chad do their best medical student impressions by dissecting GROSS ANATOMY, focusing on the underrated talent of both Christine Lahti and Matthew Modine. Then the guys head south to "the great state of Louisiana" for BLAZE, starring a mumbling Paul Newman, a naive Lolita Davidovich, and the man whom Chad has dubbed "The Prince of Touchstone".

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