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Aug 2020

Episode 21 - What’s Your Dream?

It's the biggest Out of Touchstone episode yet, as we come to one of the studio's biggest films, PRETTY WOMAN. From its humble beginning as a dark story centered on a drug-addicted prostitute to the glossy finished product with Pygmalion-esque touches courtesy of director Garry Marshall, the film inspired a lengthy discussion for Mike and Chad.  In addition to their positives and negatives of the film itself, the co-hosts also look at the evolution of the script, the extensive list of people who turned down the lead roles, and the amazing soundtrack.

Aug 2020

Episode 20 - The Second Decade Begins

It's a new year and a new decade for Out of Touchstone, as we kick off 1990 with a star vehicle as well as a visionary director's artistic statement.  First up is STELLA, a remake of the soapy melodrama starring the Queen of Touchstone, Bette Midler.  The story has been told before and doesn't need to be told again.  Finally, the hosts discuss WHERE THE HEART IS, John Boorman's ensemble film based on Shakespeare's "King Lear".  It's a little-known gem, and it's always a pleasure to talk about Dabney Coleman and Christopher Plummer.  Enjoy!

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