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Sep 2020

Episode 23 - Get Those Bad Guys!

The summer of 1990 has arrived on Out of Touchstone, as Mike and Chad look at two films featuring a variety of good guys out to fight crime.  First up is the deplorable FIRE BIRDS, a feature-length Army recruitment video with some of the worst dialogue you'll ever hear - but it's got Tommy Lee Jones and he's always awesome.  Finally, the hosts look at the comic-book adaptation DICK TRACY, Warren Beatty's worthy attempt to bring the famed detective to life on the big screen - and it's got Al Pacino and he's always awesome.  Come for the Madonna songs, stay for "insane Nicolas Cage"!

Sep 2020

Episode 22 - Don’t Judge A Movie By Its Poster

The spring of 1990 continues on Out of Touchstone, as Mike and Chad discuss two movies for which they held low expectations and wound up being pleasantly surprised.  The first is ERNEST GOES TO JAIL, as Jim Varney ("The Clown Prince of Touchstone") returns to the role of Ernest P. Worrell to get some of his biggest laughs in his most adult-oriented adventure.  Finally, the hosts look at the sci-fi shenanigans of SPACED INVADERS, a movie that is overlooked and often misunderstood by the majority of viewers.  Give these movies a chance and you might enjoy them both!

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