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Nov 2020

Episode 28 - Doctors and Patience

We continue into 1991 on Out of Touchstone, using surgical precision to dissect two medical-themed films.  First comes the zany comedy WHAT ABOUT BOB?, which presented some serious issues for Mike as he wasn't quite ready to laugh at mental illness, though Chad felt it was harmless.  But the guys were in agreement on THE DOCTOR, an underrated gem featuring outstanding performances from a trio of talented leads.  All in all, Disney came up with a solid prescription for success with these two features.

Nov 2020

Episode 27 - Malls and Mobsters

1991 has arrived on Out of Touchstone, bringing both satire and farce in the year's first two films.  We start with the final film from the "Queen of Touchstone", Bette Midler, as she stars opposite the legendary Woody Allen in SCENES FROM A MALL.  Both of the co-hosts love a nice trip to the mall, but not this cinematic look into marital unhappiness.  And then there is Sylvester Stallone doing comedy in the delightfully underrated OSCAR.  Mike and Chad can't say enough good things about the film, and also use the opportunity to tell their riveting stories of meeting director John Landis.

Nov 2020

Episode 26 - 1990: The Year in Review

It's the first year of a new decade, and Mike and Chad look back and give their picks for the highlights from Touchstone's 1990 slate of films.  Two blockbusters commanded most of the attention of the year, but lesser known and underappreciated gems also get their due on this episode.  Plus, the hosts get another chance to remind you to NOT watch FIRE BIRDS!

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