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Jan 2021

Episode 31 - Welcome to the Family

We bring 1991 to a close on this episode of Out of Touchstone, with two films featuring families adding new members.  First up, the hosts discuss BILLY BATHGATE, the organized crime thriller starring Dustin Hoffman and a young Nicole Kidman.  Both Mike and Chad agree that the acting and storytelling are superb, and wonder why this wasn't a bigger hit.  Finally, we wrap up the year with the remake of FATHER OF THE BRIDE, as Steve Martin attempts to fill Spencer Tracy's shoes as a man reluctant to watch his daughter grow up.  The movie has issues but also has a heart to it.  So long to another year of Touchstone films!

Jan 2021

Episode 30 - World Gone Strange

Touchstone ventures back into the thriller genre, and says goodbye to a beloved character on this episode of Out of Touchstone. Known for her “bubbly” persona in a comedy-filled career, Goldie Hawn plays against type and headlines our first film, DECEIVED. The thriller also features the late John Heard as Hawn’s husband, who may or may not have a shadowy past that threatens their marriage. The hosts agree that the film has some genuine suspense, but also a very ridiculous conclusion. Lastly, we bid farewell to Jim Varney in ERNEST SCARED STUPID, his final Ernest P. Worrell film for the studio. While Mike and Chad both enjoyed the previous Ernest outing and the charm of the character itself, the franchise ultimately leaves Disney on a very low note with this Halloween dud.

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