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Out of Touchstone

Apr 2021

Episode 38 - Diamonds in the Rough

We wrap up 1992 on Out of Touchstone by looking at shady protagonists with questionable backgrounds. First up is the Touchstone comedy CAPTAIN RON, featuring a stellar comedic turn from Kurt Russell but a dismal script with lame jokes aplenty. Finally, Chad and MIke focus on three more films - Disney's ALADDIN and THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL, and THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN from Hollywood Pictures - to judge each lead character against Captain Ron to see who is the most selfish and who has the greatest redemption. 

Apr 2021

Episode 37 - Crime Doesn’t Pay

The examination of the criminal mind is the focus of this episode of Out of Touchstone, as we start by discussing Touchstone's CROSSING THE BRIDGE, a "coming of age" drama about three friends faced with the decision to engage in criminal activity. Both Mike and Chad enjoyed the performances but thought the film was a tad slow. After that, the co-hosts look at the 1992 slate of thrillers from Hollywood Pictures - THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, A STRANGER AMONG US and CONSENTING ADULTS - and contrast them with the only Touchstone film of the year to bear any resemblance to the genre.

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