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Oct 2021

Episode 45 - It‘s Gonna Work Out Fine

We continue in the summer of 1993 by looking at some difficult subject matter on Out of Touchstone.  First up is the musical biopic WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT, which features two outstanding lead performances and an unflinching look at domestic violence.  From there, Chad and Mike compare the tale of Ike and Tina Turner to two films from Hollywood Pictures: a musically-inspired drama set in Nazi Germany (SWING KIDS) and a courtroom thriller about a manipulative lady-killer (GUILTY AS SIN).

Oct 2021

Episode 44 - Wise Beyond Their Years

The summer of 1993 has arrived and gives us a look at precocious children and manipulative adults on Out of Touchstone. The first film that Mike and Chad discuss is the underrated Touchstone family film, LIFE WITH MIKEY, featuring Michael J. Fox as a talent agent taking in a new protegee.  The child stars (Christina Vidal and David Krumholtz) are terrific and though it is quite conventional it still warms the heart.  Afterwards, the co-hosts look at two more Disney films to compare and contrast the idea of mentorship of an impressionable mind (with BORN YESTERDAY from Hollywood Pictures) and detail how kids get away with anything (as in Walt Disney's THE ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN).

Aug 2021

Episode 43 - Growing Up Is Hard To Do

The spring of 1993 brings about two films that highlight the difficulties of maturing into adulthood.  First up, Mike and Chad take a deep dive into the ensemble Touchstone dramedy INDIAN SUMMER, which features a group of characters longing for their younger days.  While neither co-host felt the film had much of a plot, we both loved the terrific cast.  Finally, we look at the Hollywood Pictures epic BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT, focusing on a group of men who have to come to grips with the long-lasting consequences of prior mistakes. 

Jun 2021

Episode 42 - Join The Club!

We continue along in 1993 by looking at two exclusive clubs and the drama unfolding amongst their members. THE CEMETERY CLUB is the first group under the microscope, as Mike and Chad dissect the tale of three Jewish widows attempting to move on with their lives in this heartwarming Touchstone Picture.  The performances are solid (especially Danny Aiello) and the film does have some nice sentimental touches.  From there, the co-hosts look at another Disney organization - THE JOY LUCK CLUB, courtesy of Hollywood Pictures - to highlight how the Chinese women do a much better job of coping with unforeseen tragedy than their Jewish counterparts.

Jun 2021

Episode 41 - Survive!

We begin another year on Out of Touchstone, kicking off 1993 by looking at films involving characters fighting against the elements.  First up is the harrowing Touchstone film ALIVE, the inspiring true story of a group of plane crash survivors stranded in the Andes Mountains.  It's a very powerful film, but both Mike and Chad felt that it was also hard to watch at times due to the intense subject matter and speed at which the events unfold on screen.  Finally, the hosts look at two entries from Walt Disney Pictures - HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY and A FAR OFF PLACE - to compare the plight of each film's protagonists in the wild to those of the doomed passengers on the treacherous mountain.

May 2021

Episode 40 - Interview with Marty Kaplan

It's time for a special episode of Out of Touchstone as we had the pleasure of interviewing Marty Kaplan: He's a fascinating individual who has spent time working under a U.S. President and now has an esteemed academic career. But in the 1980s he was a Vice President with Touchstone Pictures, and then worked as a writer/producer for Disney in the 1990s. He shares some detailed stories about developing ideas and working with Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg during the formation of the new Touchstone division, while also describing how his political background helped him shape the screenplay for the 1992 Hollywood Pictures comedy, THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN. It was a very enlightening interview and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed conducting it!

May 2021

Episode 39 - 1992: The Year in Review

It was a quiet year for Touchstone as 1992 saw the studio only release six films, but Mike and Chad still had a fun time picking their favorites of the bunch. While two films received the lion's share of praise, the other four still garnered attention for some wonderful performances. Franchises were established, filmmakers began relationships with the studio, and some iconic characters were born. In addition, both Walt Disney Pictures AND Hollywood Pictures made some respectable (and underrated) additions to the overall Disney catalog. Sit back and listen as we enjoy a fun year!

Apr 2021

Episode 38 - Diamonds in the Rough

We wrap up 1992 on Out of Touchstone by looking at shady protagonists with questionable backgrounds. First up is the Touchstone comedy CAPTAIN RON, featuring a stellar comedic turn from Kurt Russell but a dismal script with lame jokes aplenty. Finally, Chad and MIke focus on three more films - Disney's ALADDIN and THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL, and THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN from Hollywood Pictures - to judge each lead character against Captain Ron to see who is the most selfish and who has the greatest redemption. 

Apr 2021

Episode 37 - Crime Doesn’t Pay

The examination of the criminal mind is the focus of this episode of Out of Touchstone, as we start by discussing Touchstone's CROSSING THE BRIDGE, a "coming of age" drama about three friends faced with the decision to engage in criminal activity. Both Mike and Chad enjoyed the performances but thought the film was a tad slow. After that, the co-hosts look at the 1992 slate of thrillers from Hollywood Pictures - THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, A STRANGER AMONG US and CONSENTING ADULTS - and contrast them with the only Touchstone film of the year to bear any resemblance to the genre.

Mar 2021

Episode 36 - Under Duress

We've got characters pushed to their limits on this episode of Out of Touchstone, highlighted by one of the most notorious flops in Touchstone's history: THE GUN IN BETTY LOU'S HANDBAG. While Penelope Ann Miller was great in the lead role, both Mike and Chad felt the script left a lot to be desired. The hosts also look at the stressful predicaments in Disney's HONEY, I BLEW UP THE KID and the oppression featured in SARAFINA! from Hollywood Pictures, comparing the plight of each film's protagonist to the turmoil facing Betty Lou.

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