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Jan 2021

Episode 30 - World Gone Strange

Touchstone ventures back into the thriller genre, and says goodbye to a beloved character on this episode of Out of Touchstone. Known for her “bubbly” persona in a comedy-filled career, Goldie Hawn plays against type and headlines our first film, DECEIVED. The thriller also features the late John Heard as Hawn’s husband, who may or may not have a shadowy past that threatens their marriage. The hosts agree that the film has some genuine suspense, but also a very ridiculous conclusion. Lastly, we bid farewell to Jim Varney in ERNEST SCARED STUPID, his final Ernest P. Worrell film for the studio. While Mike and Chad both enjoyed the previous Ernest outing and the charm of the character itself, the franchise ultimately leaves Disney on a very low note with this Halloween dud.

Dec 2020

Episode 29 - Getting Serious

The fall of 1991 sees Disney venturing into serious issues with two intriguing films on this episode of Out of Touchstone.  First comes TRUE IDENTITY, an exploration of race and society wrapped in a screwball comedy package.  The tone is uneven but Lenny Henry is a joy to watch.  Finally, the co-hosts have wildly different opinions on PARADISE, a Southern-based melodrama starring real-life married couple Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.  Chad was moved by the drama while Mike was a little bored, though both were impressed by the performance from a very young Thora Birch.  Simply put, these are two movies that more people should see...

Nov 2020

Episode 28 - Doctors and Patience

We continue into 1991 on Out of Touchstone, using surgical precision to dissect two medical-themed films.  First comes the zany comedy WHAT ABOUT BOB?, which presented some serious issues for Mike as he wasn't quite ready to laugh at mental illness, though Chad felt it was harmless.  But the guys were in agreement on THE DOCTOR, an underrated gem featuring outstanding performances from a trio of talented leads.  All in all, Disney came up with a solid prescription for success with these two features.

Nov 2020

Episode 27 - Malls and Mobsters

1991 has arrived on Out of Touchstone, bringing both satire and farce in the year's first two films.  We start with the final film from the "Queen of Touchstone", Bette Midler, as she stars opposite the legendary Woody Allen in SCENES FROM A MALL.  Both of the co-hosts love a nice trip to the mall, but not this cinematic look into marital unhappiness.  And then there is Sylvester Stallone doing comedy in the delightfully underrated OSCAR.  Mike and Chad can't say enough good things about the film, and also use the opportunity to tell their riveting stories of meeting director John Landis.

Nov 2020

Episode 26 - 1990: The Year in Review

It's the first year of a new decade, and Mike and Chad look back and give their picks for the highlights from Touchstone's 1990 slate of films.  Two blockbusters commanded most of the attention of the year, but lesser known and underappreciated gems also get their due on this episode.  Plus, the hosts get another chance to remind you to NOT watch FIRE BIRDS!

Oct 2020

Episode 25 - Marriages of Inconvenience

We put a bow on 1990 with two holiday releases on Out of Touchstone: First up, Mike and Chad dissect the unnecessary sequel THREE MEN AND A LITTLE LADY, which once again features alpha males behaving badly, and this time there's no baby to bail them out.  Then the hosts turn their attention to the fraudulent nuptials of GREEN CARD, director Peter Weir's charming but bland love story which brought Gerard Depardieu into the American movie landscape.  Both of these films are labeled as comedies, but are they even funny?  We didn't think so.

Oct 2020

Episode 24 - Touchstone Goes to the Tar Heel State

Road trip!  1990 rolls along into North Carolina on Out of Touchstone, bringing forth two underwhelming comedies with fantasy elements (or are they fantasies with comedic elements?).  BETSY'S WEDDING is the first film to be discussed, as Mike and Chad admonish Italian stereotypes and question Molly Ringwald's post-adolescent acting career.  Finally, the hosts look at MR. DESTINY, starring one of the most famous alums from their alma mater, Jim Belushi.  While he can't quite carry the dramatic heft that the movie requires, the supporting roles from Linda Hamilton and Michael Caine are stellar.

Sep 2020

Episode 23 - Get Those Bad Guys!

The summer of 1990 has arrived on Out of Touchstone, as Mike and Chad look at two films featuring a variety of good guys out to fight crime.  First up is the deplorable FIRE BIRDS, a feature-length Army recruitment video with some of the worst dialogue you'll ever hear - but it's got Tommy Lee Jones and he's always awesome.  Finally, the hosts look at the comic-book adaptation DICK TRACY, Warren Beatty's worthy attempt to bring the famed detective to life on the big screen - and it's got Al Pacino and he's always awesome.  Come for the Madonna songs, stay for "insane Nicolas Cage"!

Sep 2020

Episode 22 - Don’t Judge A Movie By Its Poster

The spring of 1990 continues on Out of Touchstone, as Mike and Chad discuss two movies for which they held low expectations and wound up being pleasantly surprised.  The first is ERNEST GOES TO JAIL, as Jim Varney ("The Clown Prince of Touchstone") returns to the role of Ernest P. Worrell to get some of his biggest laughs in his most adult-oriented adventure.  Finally, the hosts look at the sci-fi shenanigans of SPACED INVADERS, a movie that is overlooked and often misunderstood by the majority of viewers.  Give these movies a chance and you might enjoy them both!

Aug 2020

Episode 21 - What’s Your Dream?

It's the biggest Out of Touchstone episode yet, as we come to one of the studio's biggest films, PRETTY WOMAN. From its humble beginning as a dark story centered on a drug-addicted prostitute to the glossy finished product with Pygmalion-esque touches courtesy of director Garry Marshall, the film inspired a lengthy discussion for Mike and Chad.  In addition to their positives and negatives of the film itself, the co-hosts also look at the evolution of the script, the extensive list of people who turned down the lead roles, and the amazing soundtrack.

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