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Aug 2020

Episode 20 - The Second Decade Begins

It's a new year and a new decade for Out of Touchstone, as we kick off 1990 with a star vehicle as well as a visionary director's artistic statement.  First up is STELLA, a remake of the soapy melodrama starring the Queen of Touchstone, Bette Midler.  The story has been told before and doesn't need to be told again.  Finally, the hosts discuss WHERE THE HEART IS, John Boorman's ensemble film based on Shakespeare's "King Lear".  It's a little-known gem, and it's always a pleasure to talk about Dabney Coleman and Christopher Plummer.  Enjoy!

Jul 2020

Episode 19 - 1989: The Year in Review

We've wrapped up the 1980's on Out of Touchstone, which gives Mike and Chad the chance to look back and scrutinize the films of 1989.  After discussing the notable moments and most successful films of the year - both commercially and artistically - the guys hand out Ronnie Awards for their favorite achievements from Touchstone's releases.

Jul 2020

Episode 18 - Blazing Anatomy

We wrap up 1989 on Out of Touchstone by looking at two interesting but average films. First up, Mike and Chad do their best medical student impressions by dissecting GROSS ANATOMY, focusing on the underrated talent of both Christine Lahti and Matthew Modine. Then the guys head south to "the great state of Louisiana" for BLAZE, starring a mumbling Paul Newman, a naive Lolita Davidovich, and the man whom Chad has dubbed "The Prince of Touchstone".

Jun 2020

Episode 17 - Don’t Smuggle Drugs Inside Fish

1989 rolls along on Out of Touchstone, as two Toms return to the studio, giving both Mike and Chad multiple opportunities to mix up their names. First up, Tom Hanks learns the perils of dog ownership in TURNER & HOOCH, and the hosts learn that criminals are dumb. Then we come to the surprising drama AN INNOCENT MAN, featuring a stoic Tom Selleck and a wonderful F. Murray Abraham navigating the prison system. Oh, and we also learn that cops are dumb too.

Jun 2020

Episode 16 - Crimes and Poets

The summer of 1989 brings two ensemble films beautifully shot on location...with severely mixed results. First up, Chad and Mike look at DISORGANIZED CRIME, in which a stellar cast is undermined by a very uneven script. But at least we get to see Al Bundy curse! Finally, we discuss one of the best films produced by Touchstone Pictures, the Oscar-winning DEAD POETS SOCIETY. Mike gets the chance to continually gush over the film, while Chad has to fight back his own cynicism. Seize the day!

Jun 2020

Episode 15 - Full On Marty

We've come to 1989 on Out of Touchstone, beginning with a couple of Martins going over the top with mixed results. First up is THREE FUGITIVES, which features Martin Short aggravating both Nick Nolte and the viewing audience as a bumbling crook lacking parental guidance. Then we end with NEW YORK STORIES, as revered auteur Martin Scorsese plays to his strengths in one of three short films celebrating his beloved hometown, joined by fellow cinematic titans Woody Allen and Francis Ford Coppola.

May 2020

Episode 14 - 1988: The Year in Review

We've completed another year on Out of Touchstone, so we thought it would be fun to look back on the films that came out in 1988, starting with a rundown of the Top 10 at the box office and that year's Academy Award nominees. We follow that up with some recognition of our own - the Ronnie Awards - which sees us highlight our favorite films and performances from Touchstone's 1988 slate.

May 2020

Episode 13 - The Vern Beneath My Wings

1988 comes to a close on Out of Touchstone, giving us another look at two of the studio's popular performers. First up is ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS, as the ever-charming Ernest P. Worrell helps to find the new Santa - but is his help even required? Then we discuss "The Queen of Touchstone", Bette Midler, as she and Barbara Hershey try to hold it together amidst the melodrama of BEACHES. Meanwhile, Chad tries to forget the TV-movie remake ever existed and Mike wishes he could just listen to the soundtrack instead.

Apr 2020

Episode 12 - All Shook Up

The fall of 1988 brings royalty to Out of Touchstone, as we begin with the fantasy-comedy HEARTBREAK HOTEL, the fable about a teenager who kidnaps Elvis Presley - listen as Chad and Mike try to steer the conversation away from another famous rocker mentioned throughout this movie. From there, the guys discuss the family custody drama THE GOOD MOTHER, including location shooting in Boston as well as Liam Neeson's connection to several other actors in the Touchstone family. Thank you, thank you very much...

Apr 2020

Episode 11 - From Kokomo to Korea

The summer of 1988 rolls along on Out of Touchstone, as we discuss two of the studio's mediocre films. We start with COCKTAIL, as Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown gives us a glimpse into the briefly-popular practice of "flair bartending", and avoid maturity at all costs. Finally, we dig into THE RESCUE, as a group of imprisoned soldiers sit patiently while their teenage children attempt to save the day. The movies may not have been great, but the discussion sure was...

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