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Out of Touchstone was born from the realization that the Disney films of today seem to have a vastly different agenda compared to just a couple decades ago.  Big budget blockbusters and remakes of beloved properties are now the norm, and quirky, intimate and unique films from major studios are seen as risky.  Yet some of pop culture's most beloved films have come from Disney's once-flourishing imprint Touchstone Pictures.  Out of Touchstone endeavors to understand where the film industry was at when Touchstone Pictures was created and how these films built up a wonderful legacy of original storytelling and filmmaking.

Mike and Chad discuss two or three movies released by Touchstone chronologically in each episode of the podcast - diving into the history, box office performance, and some thoughts on how the films hold up today.  The show researches each movie and undertakes to provide thought-provoking commentary on its place in Touchstone's history.   This podcast is for people who are interested in knowing "Whatever happened to Touchstone Pictures?"

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Out of Touchstone
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