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Touchstone Pictures - Film List


Splash 9-Mar-84
Country 28-Sep-84


Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend 22-Mar-85
My Science Project 9-Aug-85


Down and Out in Beverly Hills 31-Jan-86
Off Beat 11-Apr-86
Ruthless People 27-Jun-86
Tough Guys 3-Oct-86
The Color of Money 8-Oct-86


Outrageous Fortune 30-Jan-87
Tin Men 6-Mar-87
Ernest Goes to Camp 22-May-87
Adventures in Babysitting 1-Jul-87
Stakeout 5-Aug-87
Can't Buy Me Love 14-Aug-87
Hello Again 6-Nov-87
Three Men and a Baby 25-Nov-87
Good Morning, Vietnam 25-Dec-87


Shoot to Kill 12-Feb-88
D.O.A. 18-Mar-88
Big Business 10-Jun-88
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 22-Jun-88
Cocktail 29-Jun-88
The Rescue 5-Aug-88
Heartbreak Hotel 30-Sep-88
The Good Mother 4-Nov-88
Ernest Saves Christmas 11-Nov-88
Beaches 21-Dec-88


Three Fugitives 27-Jan-89
New York Stories 10-Mar-89
Disorganized Crime 14-Apr-89
Dead Poets Society 9-Jun-89
Turner & Hooch 28-Jun-89
An Innocent Man 6-Oct-89
Gross Anatomy 20-Oct-89
Blaze 13-Dec-89


Stella 2-Feb-90
Where the Heart Is 23-Feb-90
Pretty Woman 23-Mar-90
Ernest Goes to Jail 6-Apr-90
Spaced Invaders 27-Apr-90
Fire Birds 25-May-90
Dick Tracy 15-Jun-90
Betsy's Wedding 22-Jun-90
Mr. Destiny 12-Oct-90
Three Men and a Little Lady 21-Nov-90
Green Card 25-Dec-90


Scenes from a Mall 22-Feb-91
Oscar 26-Apr-91
What About Bob? 17-May-91
The Rocketeer 21-Jun-91
The Doctor 24-Jul-91
True Identity 23-Aug-91
Paradise 18-Sep-91
Deceived 27-Sep-91
Ernest Scared Stupid 11-Oct-91
Billy Bathgate 1-Nov-91
Father of the Bride 20-Dec-91


Noises Off 20-Mar-92
Sister Act 29-May-92
3 Ninjas 7-Aug-92
The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag 21-Aug-92
Crossing the Bridge 11-Sep-92
Captain Ron 18-Sep-92


Alive 15-Jan-93
The Cemetery Club 3-Feb-93
Indian Summer 23-Apr-93
Life with Mikey 4-Jun-93
What's Love Got to Do with It 9-Jun-93
Another Stakeout 23-Jul-93
My Boyfriend's Back 6-Aug-93
The Program 24-Sep-93
The Nightmare Before Christmas 29-Oct-93
Ernest Rides Again 12-Nov-93
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit 10-Dec-93


Cabin Boy 7-Jan-94
My Father the Hero 4-Feb-94
The Ref 9-Mar-94
The Inkwell 22-Apr-94
When a Man Loves a Woman 29-Apr-94
Renaissance Man 3-Jun-94
I Love Trouble 29-Jun-94
It's Pat 25-Aug-94
A Simple Twist of Fate 2-Sep-94
Ed Wood 30-Sep-94


Bad Company 20-Jan-95
The Jerky Boys: The Movie 3-Feb-95
Jefferson in Paris 31-Mar-95
Mad Love 26-May-95
Feast of July 13-Oct-95
Father of the Bride Part II 8-Dec-95


Mr. Wrong 16-Feb-96
Up Close & Personal 1-Mar-96
Two Much 15-Mar-96
Little Indian, Big City 22-Mar-96
Last Dance 3-May-96
Boys 10-May-96
Phenomenon 3-Jul-96
Kazaam 17-Jul-96
Ransom 8-Nov-96
The War at Home 20-Nov-96
The Preacher's Wife 13-Dec-96


Metro 17-Jan-97
The 6th Man 28-Mar-97
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion 25-Apr-97
Con Air 6-Jun-97
Face/Off 27-Jun-97
Nothing to Lose 18-Jul-97
Air Force One 23-Jul-97
A Thousand Acres 26-Sep-97
Playing God 17-Oct-97
Starship Troopers 7-Nov-97
Kundun 25-Dec-97


The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit 23-Jan-98
Krippendorf's Tribe 27-Feb-98
He Got Game 1-May-98
The Horse Whisperer 8-May-98
Six Days, Seven Nights 12-Jun-98
Armageddon 1-Jul-98
Mafia! 24-Jul-98
Snake Eyes 7-Aug-98
Holy Man 9-Oct-98
Rushmore 9-Oct-98
Beloved 16-Oct-98
The Waterboy 6-Nov-98
Enemy of the State 20-Nov-98


A Civil Action 8-Jan-99
The Other Sister 26-Feb-99
10 Things I Hate About You 31-Mar-99
Instinct 4-Jun-99
Summer of Sam 2-Jul-99
Runaway Bride 30-Jul-99
The 13th Warrior 13-Aug-99
Mumford 24-Sep-99
Bringing Out the Dead 22-Oct-99
The Insider 5-Nov-99
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo 10-Dec-99
Cradle Will Rock 10-Dec-99
Bicentennial Man 17-Dec-99
The Hurricane 29-Dec-99


Play It to the Bone 14-Jan-00
Mission to Mars 10-Mar-00
High Fidelity 31-Mar-00
Keeping the Faith 14-Apr-00
Shanghai Noon 26-May-00
Gone in 60 Seconds 9-Jun-00
Coyote Ugly 4-Aug-00
The Crew 25-Aug-00
Unbreakable 22-Nov-00
O Brother, Where Art Thou? 25-Dec-00


Double Take 12-Jan-01
Pearl Harbor 25-May-01
Crazy/Beautiful 29-Jun-01
Bubble Boy 24-Aug-01
New Port South 7-Sep-01
Corky Romano 12-Oct-01
High Heels and Low Lifes 26-Oct-01
Out Cold 21-Nov-01
The Royal Tenenbaums 14-Dec-01


The Count of Monte Cristo 25-Jan-02
Sorority Boys 22-Mar-02
Big Trouble 5-Apr-02
Frank McKlusky, C.I. 26-Apr-02
Ultimate X: The Movie 6-May-02
Bad Company 7-Jun-02
Reign of Fire 12-Jul-02
Signs 2-Aug-02
Sweet Home Alabama 27-Sep-02
Moonlight Mile 4-Oct-02
Abandon 18-Oct-02
The Hot Chick 13-Dec-02


25th Hour 10-Jan-03
The Recruit 31-Jan-03
Shanghai Knights 7-Feb-03
Bringing Down the House 7-Mar-03
Bruce Almighty 23-May-03
Seabiscuit 25-Jul-03
Open Range 14-Aug-03
Calendar Girls 2-Sep-03
Hope Springs 5-Sep-03
Cold Creek Manor 19-Sep-03
Under the Tuscan Sun 26-Sep-03
Veronica Guerin 2-Oct-03


Hidalgo 5-Mar-04
The Ladykillers 26-Mar-04
The Alamo 9-Apr-04
Raising Helen 28-May-04
King Arthur 7-Jul-04
The Village 30-Jul-04
Mr. 3000 17-Sep-04
The Last Shot 24-Sep-04
Ladder 49 1-Oct-04
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 25-Dec-04


A Lot like Love 22-Apr-05
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 29-Apr-05
Dark Water 8-Jul-05
Flightplan 23-Sep-05
Shopgirl 21-Oct-05
Casanova 25-Dec-05


Annapolis 27-Jan-06
Stick It 28-Apr-06
Step Up 19-Aug-06
The Guardian 26-Sep-06
The Prestige 20-Oct-06
Deja Vu 22-Nov-06
Apocalypto 8-Dec-06


Wild Hogs 2-Mar-07
Dan in Real Life 26-Oct-07


Step Up 2: The Streets 14-Feb-08
Swing Vote 1-Aug-08
Miracle at St. Anna 26-Sep-08


Confessions of a Shopaholic 13-Feb-09
The Proposal 19-Jun-09
Surrogates 25-Sep-09


When in Rome 29-Jan-10
The Last Song 31-Mar-10
Step Up 3D 6-Aug-10
You Again 24-Sep-10