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Out of Touchstone is the hub for information relating to the podcast and to Touchstone Pictures.  Listen to the show to hear hosts Mike and Chad discuss the history behind the films that make up the Touchstone Pictures catalog, and follow along on the blog for more information, film reviews and podcasting commentary.

Podcast Hosts

Mike DeKalb
Mike DeKalb is the founder and co-host of the Out of Touchstone podcast.  A film enthusiast with a Cinema Production degree from Southern Illinois University, he began this podcast because he became interested in how Disney has changed direction in their film production.  The golden age of Disney's non-family film imprint - Touchstone Pictures - has resulted in some iconic and beloved adult-fare films and Out of Touchstone examines each film in their own right, as well as in context to what was happening when they were produced.  Mike is also a hockey enthusiast and periodically blogs at Hockey Transplant.  Feel free to get in touch with Mike on twitter @OutOfTouchstone.

Chad Smart
Chad Smart is the co-host of Out of Touchstone and has also worked for many years in the film industry.  He hosts several podcasts under his own network - the Positive Cynicism Podcast Network banner.  Positive Cynicism produces episodes that discuss pop culture, politics, and music.  His episodes of the podcast that deal with music are titled "Wonder Why?", where he discusses one-hit wonders along with Mike DeKalb.  His focus in podcasting stems from trying to spread positivity while critically examining various topics in the realm of pop culture.  Feel free to get in touch with Chad on twitter @ChadSmart.

Podcast Producer

Charlene DeKalb
Charlene is the tech side of the podcast and contributor to the Out of Touchstone blog.  She works as a scientist and enjoys experiencing new things as long as she also has enough time to do nothing but read or watch TV with a nice cup of tea. She runs a few sites related to her favorite novel "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë - including a blog dedicated to the book, and a general, informative website.  On this blog, her thoughts on the films discussed on the podcast are under the name "Producer Postcript".  Find her on twitter @eyreguide, or through her Letterboxd account.